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The elegant collision of tradition and modernity, Cole Haan features optical and sun styles for men and women looking for accessible American luxury.


Cole Haan

Featured Frames

Accessible Luxury

The iconic basket weave and leather inserts are the ultimate expressions of the Cole Haan heritage. Each style is infused with craftsmanship and engineering, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Rich materials, iconic details and unique technologies are joined together to create this distinctive collection.

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    Signature Details

    The iconic basket weave is the ultimate expression of the Cole Haan heritage. The pattern adorns the temples with styles in both the men’s and ladies’ collections, creating a signature detail intended to stand the test of time.

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    Modern Colorations

    Unique variations of color are used throughout the collection with color blocking, exposed laminations and exquisite, colored tortoises.

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    On-Trend Shapes

    From the trendy cat eye to a modern oxford, the Cole Haan eyewear collection includes frames that complement many faces and personal styles.

 red Cole Haan eyeglasses