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Prescription Lenses
For Your Lifestyle

Found the perfect frames?
Now, let’s find the lenses best suited for you.

Which Lens
Right For You?



    • Light LensesLight
    • Thin And StrongThin &
    • High Impact ResistantHigh Impact
    • Scratch ResistantScratch
    • 100% UV Protection100% UV

    • • Durable and light for everyday wear
    • • Great for kids and active lifestyles
    • • High-impact and scratch resistant 
    • • 100% UV protection 

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  • HIGH INDEX (1.67)

    • Lightest LensesLight
    • Thin And StrongThin
    • Scratch ResistantScratch
    • 100% UV Protection100% UV
    • AR CoatingAG

    • • Our thinnest lens material; includes an anti-glare coating
    • • Thinnest lens material; with anti-glare coating
    • • Great for people with strong prescriptions
    • • Anti-glare coating increases clarity and enhances cosmetic appearance
    • • Anti-glare coating increases clarity
    • • Enhances cosmetic appearance
    • • Scratch resistant
    • • 100% UV protection 

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Our optional lens enhancements will let you customize your lenses for the way you live, enhancing performance and durability. You can easily add your lens enhancements at checkout. But first, learn about the advantages of each below.


Reduce glare, increase clarity, and enhance the cosmetic appearance of your lenses with an anti-glare lens enhancement.



Image without AR Image with GR

Blue Light Reduction

Combat digital eye strain and reduce excessive blue light from all sources including screens, energy-efficient lighting, and the sun.



Image Without Blue Light Reduction Image With Blue Light Reduction


SunSync® Light Reactive Lenses quickly darken in sunlight and return to clear indoors and at night. It provides 100% UV protection. Read more about the advantages of SunSync.

SunSync Indoor Image SunSync Outdoor Image



Sunglasses: UV Protection For Your Eyes

You already know UV rays can be rough on your skin, but long-term exposure to the sun may also damage your eyes. Sunglasses aren’t just for the beach; solar radiation can reach you on cloudy days, too. That’s why you need a great pair of shades, an essential accessory to protect your eyes. So check out our wide selection of fashionable and functional sunglasses from the world’s leading brands. Plus, they all provide 100% UV protection!

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Lens Color Guide For Sunglasses

Gray Brown/Amber Green Yellow

  • Gray

    • Great for general outdoor purpose use and activities
    • Reduces eye fatigue
    • True color perception
    • Dark enough to provide overall protection
    • Reduces glare, especially off water
  • Brown/Amber

    • Great for variable conditions and any sport where distance needs to be judged
    • Enhances contrast
    • Contains a red element to improve depth perception
  • Green

    • Great for general outdoor use and activities
    • Transmits all colors evenly
    • Good contrast for low-light conditions
    • Dims glare while brightening shadows

    Note: Green tinted sunglasses aren’t available with prescription.

  • Yellow

    • Great for outdoor sports like skiing, hunting and tennis
    • Provides greater clarity in fog, haze, and other low-light conditions
    • Filters out blue light that can cause eye strain

    Note: Yellow tinted sunglasses aren’t available with prescription.

Polarized Sunglasses

With true color perception and enhanced visual clarity and contrast, you are sure to enjoy a much clearer view with polarized sunglasses. They eliminate harsh glare bouncing off smooth surfaces like water, snow or the hood of a car. Polarized sunglasses are great for general outdoor use and light sports.

All Rx sunglasses are polarized. Get the best of all worlds - 100% UV protection, prescription lenses and the enhanced visual clarity of polarized lenses.

Image with Polarized Image without Polarized

Note: Although they are perfect for many situations, they are not meant for certain activities such as jogging or skiing downhill where you don’t want to block out light reflecting off hazardous and icy patches.