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Use your FSA or HSA.

Awesome News!

You can use your flexible spending account (FSA) and health savings account (HSA) to buy prescription glasses, contacts, and sunglasses on Eyeconic. But hurry, your funds might expire soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an FSA/HSA and how do I know if I have one?

FSA (i.e. flexible spending account) and HSA (health savings account) are programs that allow you to set aside money before taxes for specific health care expenses. Best of all, you can use your FSA and HSA funds to make a purchase directly on Eyeconic.

Not sure if you have an FSA or HSA? Just ask your employer or insurance company.

When are my FSA/HSA dollars available?

FSA/HSA allowances are usually available at the start of your coverage period (usually, this starts on January 1st). For some people, FSA expires at the end of the year.

Maximize your benefits by using your funds before they expire! (Hint, hint: you can shop on Eyeconic with your FSA funds).

What can I purchase with my FSA or HSA?

Your flexible spending account or health savings account typically covers expenses like prescription drugs, doctor visits and, lucky for you, prescription eyewear including:

  • Prescription eyeglasses
  • Prescription sunglasses
  • Prescription contact lenses

What’s the best way to place my FSA or HSA order?

You can place an order on Eyeconic’s website using your FSA or HSA card as you would any other credit card, or by calling us at 1-855-EYECONIC (855-393-2664) Monday – Saturday, 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. PST.

* We cannot currently use multiple credit cards for each transaction. If you plan to use an FSA/HSA card along with your regular credit card, you can purchase an Eyeconic gift card for the amount you want to use.

How do I get an updated prescription?

We’re happy to connect you with one of the 40k doctors in our network. Find one here.

Where’s my receipt?

We’ll email you a receipt with your shipping confirmation, and a physical copy that will accompany your purchase. Need an itemized receipt? Just let us know.

Can I return an order paid for with my FSA or HSA?

Yes! We have a 30-day, return and exchange policy for all purchases. You can read more about our exchange policy here.

Your purchase will be refunded to your original payment method. If, however, the account you used is expired (e.g. FSA), the refunded amount will go on a gift card.

I’m still confused. Help!

Chat us here, give us a call at 1-855-EYECONIC (855-393-2664) Monday – Saturday, 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. PST.