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Eyewear Tips
  • Face Shape Guide
    Face Shape Guide
    Face Shape Guide

    Ever try on a frame that looks great on a friend but not on you? It’s all about proportion and fit! Go for the frame you love, and make sure it balances the shape of your face.

    Oval Shape
    This is the easiest face to fit because it's symmetrical. Nearly every frame shape looks good on you! Discover your perfect frame.
    Oblong Shape
    Round, square, or rectangular frames add width—so do details on the temples.
    Round Shape
    Frames with angular lines add definition and deep colors provide leanness. Create length with rectangular frames.
    Oblong Shape
    Round, oval, and slightly curved frames are ideal. Think narrow frames too. They soften the jawline while still taking advantage of your athletic look.
    Oblong Shape
    Frames with design details and color at the top help balance the face. Shop cat-eye or semi-rimless frames now.
    Oblong Shape
    Choose smaller frame styles without detail on the temples to balance the upper and lower halves of your face. Rectangular, square, and aviator frames are just right for you.
    Top-heavy frames, like aviators, semi-rimless or cat-eye styles with details on the brow line, look great on you. And we’ve got you covered!
  • Frame Size Guide
    Frame Size Guide
    Frame Size Guide
    Frame Size Example

    TIP: If you have a pair of glasses that fit your face well, take a peek at the inside arm or the inside bridge.
    17140 or 50/17140
    Eye Size in Blue
    Bridge Size in Pink
    Temple Length in Green
    *Always measured in millimeters (mm)
  • Virtual Try-On
    Virtual Try-On
    Virtual Try-On

    More than ever before, eyeglasses are a standout fashion accessory. Use Eyeconic’s fun Virtual Try-On feature to see how different shapes, styles, and colors look on you. You just may decide on a second or third pair for different looks!

    Just use your favorite self-portrait from your computer or Facebook, or snap a new one with your webcam.

    How to remove your picture

    Your picture is never stored at Eyeconic or on the Internet. It's only stored on your computer's browser.

    To remove your picture:
    • Open Virtual Try-On.
    • Go to the "Your previous picture" section and click the "x" in the bottom right hand corner of your picture.
    • The word "Remove" will appear when you hover over the "x". Just click "Remove".
    Try it Now!
  • Contact Lens Options
    Contact Lens Options
    Contact Lens Options

    What’s the best type of contact lens for you? From extended wear to disposables, you and your eye doctor have lots of lens options to choose from.

    Already have a prescription? Find your brand.

    Need a prescription? Find a Doctor and get an appointment for an eye exam.

    Bifocal and Multifocal

    Soft lenses are comfortable and conform to the shape of your eyes. If you lead an active lifestyle or participate in sports, they’re a good choice.

    Single Use

    With a fresh new pair of contact lenses every day, these disposable lenses are more expensive than other types of contacts. The upside is they’re safer than extended wear contacts since they aren’t in your eyes long enough to build up uncomfortable deposits of protein, calcium and lipids that can lead to eye infections. Shop single use contacts.

    Daily Wear

    You wear these contacts throughout the day and then remove them at night. Clean them every day and replace them regularly (per manufacturer’s recommended schedule).

    Extended Wear

    These soft contacts are designed for continuous wear (even overnight) for a certain number of days, depending on the manufacturer.


    These contacts have two prescriptions on one lens, correcting both distance and near vision. Shop bifocal and multifocal contacts.


    A good solution for people over 40 with presbyopia; one lens is for reading and the other lens for distance. Shop multifocal contacts.


    Available in soft or gas permeable, toric contact lenses correct astigmatism. Shop toric contacts.

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  • Frame Materials
    Frame Materials
    Frame Materials

    Eyewear goes high-tech with today's lightweight and durable frames. Active sports call for flexible plastic, nylon, or Flexon®, while metal makes a striking fashion statement. Weight, strength, comfort, style, and price all factor in.

    Memory Metals

    Flexon® is a revolutionary titanium nickel alloy that weighs about 25% less than standard metals for true comfort. Twist it or bend it, this memory metal frame always bounces back into shape. Shop memory metal frames now.


    For a sleek look, consider metal alloy or titanium. It's adjustable for a snug fit, too. Noncorrosive titanium is lighter on the face, as well as durable and bendable. Shop metal frames now.


    Plastic frames come in an amazing range of expressive colors and textures. Since it's easily moldable, designers use high-quality plastic made of handmade acetate to craft on-trend looks like wraparounds. It easily adjusts for a perfect fit, too. Shop plastic frames now.


    Combinations of metal and plastic give you the best of both worlds – the stylish look and adjustability of metal come together with lightweight and colorful plastics to give you a comfort and fashion one-two punch. Shop combination frames now.

  • Lens Options
    Lens Options
    Lens Options

    Eyewear is high-tech with today's lightweight and durable eyewear. Active sports call for flexible plastic while metal makes a striking fashion statement.

    Choose the type of glasses you’re interested in, and we’ll show you the lenses you can choose from.

  • Sunwear For Sports
    Sunwear For Sports
    Sunwear For Sports

    Are you a recreational athlete or serious competitor? From max-coverage wraps to scratchless lenses, protect your eyes and perform beautifully. With all the choices, even sporty types can embrace the look.

    No Putts, No Glory

    Driven to precision? The right sunwear means the difference between missing the hole or sinking the putt. Stay on-course with high-contrast, no-squint tints like yellow or orange, or polarized no-glare shades. Consider your performance-enhancing options.

    Tame the Terrain

    Rocks. Dirt. Wind. Rain. Shield your eyes from whatever the elements throw at you, as well as harmful UV rays. Polarized lenses block eye-fatiguing road glare. Sport wraparounds protect best. A lot rides on your choice of frame and lenses.

    Run With It

    Lightweight sun frames and high-contrast lenses set the pace for both serious and recreational runners. Choose light-colored tints for overcast conditions and gray or brown tints for sunny days.

    Snow Good

    Got your eyes on a great run? See how much better you'll read the slopes with shades that filter out the sun's intense rays. Polarized lenses absorb glare off the snow, while the right color tint sharpens vision.

    Advantage: You

    Your game is on the line if the sun's in your eyes. Polarized lenses cut the glare. Flexible nylon frames and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses are musts on the court. Game. Match. You're set!

    Not a Glare in the World

    Polarized lenses eliminate blinding glare off the water. Mirror-coated lenses reflect light and are a great choice for both athletes and boaters. Go with impact-resistant polycarbonate and you're ready to hit the water.

    Take It Outside

    Whether you're a fan or competitor, sport a great look at your next big outdoor event. Protect your eyes and you're on the winning side!

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  • Contact Care Tips
    Contact Care Tips
    Contact Care Tips
    Caring for Your Contacts
    1. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended wearing schedule, replacing your contacts as recommended.
    2. Wash your hands thoroughly before handling contacts, and dry them with a lint free cloth to avoid eye irritation.
    3. Clean, disinfect, and store your lenses properly—only using lens care products recommended by your eye doctor. Never use saliva to clean them.
    4. Replace your storage case’s lens solution after each lens cleaning.
    5. Replace your storage case at least every three months.
    6. Don’t wear contacts when swimming.
    7. Remove your contacts before you sleep.
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