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Whether you’re working, studying, or binge-watching your favorite show, TechShield™ Blue lets you enjoy screen time with peace of mind. Blue light emitted by smartphones, tablets, computer monitors, and energy-efficient lighting can contribute to digital eye strain. Reduce your exposure to blue light by adding this enhancement to your lenses during the checkout process.

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TechShield Blue increases clarity and sharpness on digital screens by absorbing and reflecting specific wavelengths of blue light.

Some Light
Eye Strain

Nearly one-third of Americans spend at least nine hours a day on a device.1 And in as little as two hours, blue light can contribute to symptoms of digital eye strain.

So it’s no surprise that digital eye strain has surpassed carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis as the leading computer-related workplace injury complaint in America.2

TechShield Blue is a next-generation anti-reflective coating that absorbs and reflects specific wavelengths of blue light linked to digital eye strain.

First, find the perfect pair of eyeglasses. Once you’ve added them to your shopping bag and continue to check out, you’ll be prompted to pick a lens package and any additional lens enhancement. You can select TechShield Blue at that point.

Your eyes weren’t built to process blue light well. So they work extra hard trying to bring this light into focus. All that work puts a lot of strain on your eyes. Think of it like running a marathon where someone keeps moving the finish line back.

Absolutely. Blue light’s intensity increases the closer your eyes are to the source. A child holding a device eight inches from their eyes receives four times the blue light intensity as an adult holding the same device 16 inches away.3 Add to this the fact that by the time they’re 17, the average child will have spent one-third of their life in front of a digital screen.4 When you combine these factors, TechShield Blue not only offers children blue light defense, but also offers parents peace of mind.

Whether you’re at work or a weekend hotspot, your appearance matters. TechShield Blue was designed with this in mind. Unlike blue light lenses with yellow or orange tints, this next-generation coating has an attractive, near-clear appearance.5 So you’ll never have to compromise your looks to defend your eyes.

As a premium anti-reflective coating, TechShield Blue also improves daily visual comfort, optimizes visual performance, enhances appearance, protects against UV rays, and resists scratching and smudging to help extend the life of your lenses. Take a deeper dive into what makes TechShield Blue tick by visiting TechShieldBlue.com.

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